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Female-Specific Training:

Creating Equity in Athlete Care

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July 22nd
6:00 pm MDT

What You'll Learn

Sam will talk about challenges facing women in sports and how to provide more equitable care for female athletes, specifically the concept of Menstrual Cycle-Based Training (MCBT)

Why does female-specific training matter?

Sport is a male-centric industry. Female athletes rarely, if ever, get the type of individualized training they need to account for their physiology. Women shouldn’t be treated like smaller, less capable men.

Real-life examples of actual MCBT protocols

How do you actually implement menstrual cycle-based training? We’ll look at two real life examples of real MCBT strategies within D1 college athletics, as well as in-season versus off-season considerations.

Overview of the metabolic effects of the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is governed by important hormones. Coaches need to understand the physiological responses to these hormones in order to maximize training effectiveness and improve individualization for female athletes.

Automating MCBT protocols with decision trees

Coaches are sometimes intimidated by the prospect of training specifically for female needs. However, with the application of technology and the use of decision trees, the process is actually much less complicated than you might think.

Reveal relevant exercise science research supporting MCBT

Not only does current and relevant research go unnoticed, but many feel the research is not adequate to justify intervention. We will review relevant and applicable research that supports the use of menstrual cycle-based training strategies.

Overcoming roadblocks to female-specific care

How can a male coach navigate discussions about menstrual cycles with female athletes? (Hint: It’s not a big deal.) We’ll talk about how to cultivate an empowering, woman-centric training environment and dispel stigmas associated with female biology.


About Sam Moore

Sam Moore is an applied sport scientist who recently joined University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Exercise and Sport Science graduate school as a research fellow. Prior to Carolina, Sam was with the NC State Wolfpack from 2019-2021 as the Director of Sport Science and Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach.

After two season ending knee surgeries during her dual sport collegiate athletic career, Moore was drawn to the starkly different experience entering the “real-world” as a former female athlete compared to that of male athletes. This was the inception of what would later establish her as the topic expert in the field of female athlete physiology in the pursuit of gender equity in collegiate women’s sports.

As the first woman to serve as a Director of Sport Science in NCAA, Sam implemented a revolutionary and evidence informed framework of women’s specific training design based on the hormonal landscape of the Wolfpack female athletes. Sam has presented at major conferences on topics ranging from metabolic and performance effects of female sex hormones to bigger pictures issues of social and gender justice for collegiate athletes. For the first time ever, she is giving unprecedented access into the proprietary framework she uses to train female athletes.

July 22nd
6:00 pm MDT